Quail Ceramics Leopard Pencil Pot


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Quail Ceramics Leopard Pencil Pot

Quail Ceramics is a British company with a long tradition of designing and making distinctive and stylish pieces for the table and display that offer top quality at really keen prices.  The Quail Ceramics Leopard Pencil Pot is one of their most recent additions to the pencil pot range.

Quail Ceramics Leopard Pencil Pot is a charming Pencil Pot by Quail Ceramics.  Hand painted with lifelike detail, measuring approximately 10cms high. This Leopard pencil pot will add a unique finishing touch to any desk or work area.  Supplied boxed.

Quail also make chickens, garden birds, dogs, cats, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits that are quirky yet elegant; traditional British designs with a modern twist.
Many of the unique Quail designs do something useful for the owner, from pouring drinks to holding eggs or containing salt and pepper – they are more than pretty faces.
Everything is designed in the UK and many of the originals are made in the Midlands by Quails’ traditional ceramicists. Then they  work very closely with a small number of family businesses in Thailand and Sri Lanka who do the firing and hand painting of these exclusive designs.
Furthermore, Quail are able to devote an enormous amount of time to getting the detail right with their skilled craftspeople. Quail designs value and cherish the relationships they have developed and this really shows in the finished product.
And because Quail designs offer superb value for money and are of the highest quality many are collected; the Moggies, Quail’s first range of collectable cats goes from strength to strength in markets all over the world including the US, France, Australia and the Far East where they now have a healthy demand re-exporting and developing the skills they have.